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About Us

All the information about NATL ESL you need to know.

Statement of Ownership

North America Technical Institute ESL (NATI ESL) institute was founded in 2022 and is privately owned by Dr. Abed Sami Almala, a veteran educator who has been serving in educational institutions since 1995. He started his career as a high school teacher and now is a higher education veteran.

Our Mission

The mission of North America Technical ESL (NATI ESL) is to provide student-centered, quality learning and language training for adult learners that fosters the necessary knowledge and abilities to enable them to develop and exhibit a set of academic and professional English skills to success-fully pursue a high education degree program and obtain employment in domestic and global job markets.

Goals and Objectives

North America Technical Institute ESL (NATI ESL) is committed to the following institutional goals and objectives

Getting students ready to enter U.S. educational institutions

To prepare domestic and international students for academic courses and programs of their choice in US-based institutions of higher education

Providing students with language and cultural skills

To provide students with the necessary language skills and cultural understanding to support their studies in colleges and universities in the United States

Provide individual attention and instruction to each student

To ensure that every student is given individual attention, instruction, advising, and immediate feedback to be successful in this program and graduate

Internationally accredited certificate

To make the attainment of a student’s desired ESL certificate of completion a major focus during their educational and training process at the school

Respect, trust, and ethical behavior are core values

To ensure that graduates appreciate diversity and the foundational values of ethical behavior, trust and respect in the learning community